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401k Analysis

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If you’re not completely confident that you know exactly what you own in your 401(k), how much you’re paying in fees, and whether the allocation is appropriate for your specific circumstances, then you’re not putting yourself in a position to maximize the growth of your hard-earned savings.

Making the wrong 401(k) choices now will significantly impact your ability to retire with the nest egg you desire. A 401(k) analysis can give you the knowledge and guidance you need to set yourself up for financial success. Best of all, it’s only a one time fee and provides monthly reviews for twelve months.

To properly optimize your 401(k), you’ll need to have a full understanding of two things: the investment choices available in your plan and the annual fees you're paying to invest in your plan.

When you know this information then you can choose an allocation that’s appropriate for your expected retirement date and tolerance for risk. The good news is, your 401(k) analysis will provide you with all of this information…and more.

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